TruNord Technologies Limited is a leading provider of Integrated Software Solutions for businesses of all sizes. Developing comprehensive, end-to-end applications that deliver significant value, with broad applicability that drive impact in diverse sectors.

Our 2 key ready to use solutions are:

  • Kai Insure: Introducing a revolutionary fully digital front-end solution, designed to streamline the policy issuance process for Banks, financial institutions, agents, brokers and other distribution partners. This innovative platform offers pre-packaged and pre-underwritten insurance products, catering to individuals and SME customers. With this cutting-edge technology, users can easily access a wide range of insurance options, eliminating the need for lengthy/archaic underwriting processes. The digital front-end solution provides a seamless customer experience, allowing for quick and efficient policy issuance. 
  • HealthPass ( We have created the HealthPass app with the goal of catering to all aspects of health and well-being conveniently through smartphones. This technology-driven ecosystem covers telemedicine, telemonitoring, digital biomarkers, mental wellness, second medical opinion and informed dietary choices. The services provided by HealthPass are integral to the health and wellness landscape and may be beneficial for both your customers and employees

At TruNord Technologies Limited, we are committed to helping businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and achieve their business objectives. 

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